2023 Update: please use this form to contact me.. ignore the graphic request part.
ps. I made this page when I was 15 (30 now)

Contact Form

is the graphic based on anime? hollywood? disney?
basically state what type it is..
Type of graphic?*
Pick which type you want.. be sure to provide the
measurements in the text box below
Upload an Image
you can either upload one from your computer, or
type in the link in the text field below
Give information of the graphic*
If you havent uploaded a pic then be sure to
provide the link of the picture! I wont find you a
picture, tell me what you want me to do, as in
what colours you want, maybe what font? the height
and width of the graphic.. and anything else I
missed, just be precise on what you want.. i will
do my best to fulfill your wants :D
Be sure to type in the correct email, or else I
wont be able to send your graphic to you :S
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